Invisible Jubilee – Kärdla Broadcloth Factory 190

The Long House of the Hiiumaa Museum hosts an exhibition “Invisible Jubilee – Kärdla Broadcloth Factory 190”.

This year, 190 years have passed since the Kärdla Broadcloth Factory was founded in Hiiumaa. In some ways, it can also be seen as the jubilee of the town as such, although Kärdla got the town privileges only in 1938. It can be said that the beginning of the end of Kärdla’s earlier lifestyle can be seen in 1810 when most Swedish families were forced to leave and a manor dairy farm was built on the land of their village. At that time, there were no assumptions that Kärdla could become the capital of Hiiumaa, as it is depicted today. In 1829, Kärdla Broadcloth Factory was founded, which changed the train of events for the settlement.

The exhibition “Invisible Jubilee – Kärdla Broadcloth Factory 190” gives an overview of the invisible impact of the factory on the town of Kärdla and on the formation of its inhabitants’ lifestyle, exciting factory-related characters and their stories, and a bit of hard work inside the factory.

The factory’s invisible grip still holds Kärdla in its hands – you are invited to take part of it!